History of BHEAA

When I perhaps stupidly opened my mouth and suggested putting this book/momento/project together, little did I know what a monster it would become. If I had another six months to a year, I could probably produce 2-3 volumes of events, people and stories about most of the members past and present of the BHEAA.

I didn’t, won’t and haven’t, but I have tried to put together an amusing snapshot of who,where and what formed and contributed to this highly illustrious and long lived Association.

I hope those of you who peruse (a good word, used regularly in old Agents details and correspondence) this keepsake, enjoy it for what it is; not to be taken seriously but for enjoyment and pride in being part of something which has endured 125 years of wars, turmoil and many financial problems and is today still here and going from strength to strength, promoting professionalism and unity in an evermore cut-throat world.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you,


…the BHEAA Anniversary Booklet (PDF)

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